T-minus 12 Days!

That’s right, folks. In 12 days, I am getting kicked out of the nest. I have to learn to fly by myself now through this cruel world.

We all need to leave the nest at some point. Courtesy of Google Images.

Okay, that may be exaggerating a little…I won’t be completely on my own. My parents will still let me crash at their place when I want to get out of the city and take a mini-vacation. My mom offered to cook me dinner still so that I won’t starve (because honestly, my cooking skills include only fajita and pasta at this point. I’m hoping this will change when I get in my new kitchen and don’t have my mom or boyfriend cooking for me!).

But I will be paying for everything — rent, utilities, food, etc. — all by myself. It makes me proud and scared out of my mind to say that. My parents can’t really afford to help me out financially, so I really am growing up and doing this on my own.

I saved up money from my two jobs this summer (one which pays a decent wage and gives me a lot of hours, and one which is more laid-back and has less hours to offer) in order to pad my bank account before I have to cut my hours back for school. I plan on working the job that gives me a lot of hours during the school year in order to help with expenses; it’s also a “foot in the door” for me with my future, post-graduation career.

Right now, I am finalizing my budget (and budget binder), organizing and packing to move, and brainstorming more ideas for this blog….so needless to say, I’m a bit busy this week. I’m going to try to give an update soon, including helpful hints on making a budget, creating a budget binder (which is actually really fun) and how to make the leap from your parents’ nest into the big, bad world. Stay tuned!



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